Dear CannaSOS users and members. In 2017, we decided to pivot the company to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry in order to solve the financial challenges faced by the cannabis and hemp industry.

In 2019 we launched PTPWallet, we’ve been expanding that and have seen a lot of success. In 2022, we launched IndexPairs, a cryptocurrency exchange. We’ve also been seeing a lot of success with it and have become more clearer as to our vision with CannaSOS.

On September 25, 2022, we launched PTPShopy, the final step of the project. PTPShopy is also part of the PTP ecosystem, but is a Paypal-like platform for businesses such as e-commerce websites, SaaS platforms, and can even be used by dispensaries and clinics.

This project has taken up a lot of our resources, manpower, and time, and because of this, we haven’t really been updating CannaSOS throughout the past several years. We’ve been monitoring it and conducting slight stability updates, but haven’t really done much with it. CannaSOS as a whole was essentially operating as a non-profit platform. The platform was bleeding money and with no effective route to generate revenue.

Because of this, we have made a decision. As one of the initial Co-founders of the platform, and someone who helped expand this platform and fill it with content & useful information, it’s imperative that the decisions we make will positively impact the future of the company, the project, and the userbase.

We have come to the conclusion that we will be assisting the industry in a new way. A fresh way. The CannaSOS platform will shut down, the domain will be active, and incorporate PTPShopy, the platform that will takeover. Essentially, CannaSOS will aim to become the main payment gateway for the cannabis and hemp industries.

CannaSOS as a whole had a lot of potential, and in some areas, it even achieved that potential, but this is something we need to put on hold and revisit in the future.

A large thank you to our members, users, and large community. Thank you for your support and interest these past several years. It meant a lot to us and our team, and we hope that you understand the decision we have made.

Thank you. Below you will see more information on what PTPShopy is, what it can be used for, and of course – just like CannaSOS – the platform is free to use and register on.

Daniel Cheine

Co-founder of CannaSOS

Today, CannaSOS is Becoming the Main Payment Gateway for the Cannabis Industry

Our company Core State Holdings, Corp. developed and launched PTPShopy – a payment gateway for all types of goods and services!

Why Use PTPShopy?

Enable crypto payments for over 400+ cryptos through several popular wallets and exchanges, as well as bank transfers with our user friendly and seamless payment interface.

Low Transaction Fees

The lowest in the industry! Save on fees!

No Crypto Volatility Risk

Crypto volatility never affects settlements; always get $100 for your $100 product

No Chargebacks and Declines

Eliminate chargebacks. Enjoy frictionless sales and no fraud or ID theft.

User-Friendly Payment Interface

1-Click checkout with no redirects

API's, SDK's, and Plugins for Easy Integration

Merchants and partners alike can easily implement PTPShopy into a shopping cart, website, or software application

Feature-Rich Merchant Dashboard

Manage your funds, send invoices, and track

Many Payment Tools Available


For e-Commerce Websites

Integrate your website with Shopify or WordPress and other platforms


For Messenger Apps

Get paid via SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more


For Invoicing

Set up an API with IPN (Invoice Payment Method) to accept crypto payments


For Accepting Donations

Set up a donation widget in minutes on your preferred platform


For iGaming & Online Casinos

Protect your player’s identities & save up to 95% on transaction fees

Set up account

Choose your integration

Add payment method on your website

Get paid in crypto!

Benefits of Cryptocurrency in e-Commerce

Accepting payments in cryptocurrency is a great way for a business to attract new customers. People using Bitcoin and other digital assets are more likely to make purchases from companies that accept these forms of payment.
Here are some of the specific benefits of using cryptocurrencies in your e-commerce business:
•     Minimal transaction fees
•     Can open a new segment of customers
•     Accept crypto payments and take advantage of this growing market and rising demand
•     Thanks to PTPShopy and PTPWallet technology, every crypto transaction is masked from the public.

About PTPShopy

PTPShopy is our global crypto payment gateway, made simple and accessible to everyone – regardless of whether you are a business owner or a crypto user. PTPShopy is a product of Core State Holdings, Corp.. CSHC is a software development company based in Ontario, Canada, and has been operating since 2014.